HR and Leadership Support in Start-ups and Scale-ups

Working with Startups

Working with startups is a great pleasure and creates a lot of energy. Some of the main characteristics you face when you meet founders and employees from a startup are the feelings of a close community, strong collaboration and emotional bonds, which are all founded in the early stages of culture development.

Unfortunately, as companies grow exponentially, many lose their unique identity and the shared values that made them such great places to work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Nexta, which I am working with is a different story and I will come back to this.

Developing or sustaining a culture doesn’t come from a to do list. It’s not a system you implement. It’s a mindset a leader or founder must have to declare from the heart and show by example, then others catch on, and it spreads.

At a certain stage – typically when the company starts transitioning from startup to scale-up –  it becomes apparent that certain HR processes need to be professionalized, but in a pragmatic way, so it doesn’t take focus away from the journey and the developed culture. You start ask questions like: How do we ensure our new employees ‘hit the ground running’ and how do we support the development and well-being of our employees?

Therefore, it makes sense to focus on processes like recruitment, onboarding, talent management/career development, compensation and benefits, and leadership.

Collaboration with Nexta

In Agergaard + Co we have worked closely with Nexta and the founders Jesper Urban and Martin Jensen. Nexta has developed the first AI-driven sales and media activation platform tailor-made for digital media and commerce companies and have been extremely successful. It was established in 2017 and are currently employing more than 40 people in Denmark, Poland, Hungary and Germany with an annual revenue growth of more than 300%. Jesper and Martin are visionary and have developed a very strong company culture. Many of the employees have been there since the start and show strong commitment towards Nexta and to Jesper and Martin. They are keen on bringing Nexta to the next level. They want their employees to be living the company values and to develop within the company. It is important to create and atmosphere with openness and with a customer-centric approach.

‘Nexta is a young company – we are only three years old. During the last years we have grown our employee base with more than 100% at our locations in Copenhagen, Krakow and Budapest. In the autumn of 2020, it became evident that we needed to professionalize our People and Culture agenda to strengthen the platform for future growth and career development for our employees’, says Jesper Urban.

The collaboration between Nexta and Agergaard + Co has covered various elements like leadership sparring on strategic issues and HR, recruitment and assessment support and career development.

’Peter has life-long experience in HR and is a strong and solutions-oriented advisor. Peter has been instrumental in combining the strategic and practical parts of developing a strong and pragmatic HR strategy. I can highly recommend Peter to other start-ups and scale-ups, who are to professionalize their People and Culture agenda’, says Jesper Urban

About Agergaard + Co

Agergaard + Co wants to be an impactful partner by developing and delivering premium HR Consultancy services that balance strategy with execution. We are focused on delivering pragmatic and easy-to-implement solutions.

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