Reducing employee turnover in G4S

In G4S Europe Region we employed approximately 80.000 employees across 31 countries. In 2013 we identified one of the biggest issues being a high employee turnover, which resulted in high recruitment costs and customers facing new employees more often than they expected.

By applying an analytical approach to the employee turnover, we realized that the high employee turnover was affected by a very high ‘early turnover’ (between 0-3 months), where almost 20% of the employees leaving left within the first three months. We focused on a few activities like training the recruiters, improve the recruitment process especially within attraction and assessment, stronger onboarding and leadership development. We also started communicating about the cost perspective of employee turnover to our frontline managers, who spent much time on recruiting.

Within one year we reduced the ‘early turnover’ by 24% and reduced the overall turnover figures by 25% – delivering savings of more than £8M.

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