Executive Leadership Sparring

Overcoming CEO Isolation with the Help of an Executive Sparring Partner

You may have heard of the expression “it’s lonely at the top.” CEOs are often confronted with the feeling of isolation since they feel nobody understands the unique challenges, they are facing in running their business—not even their partners, kids, and their subordinates.

If you ever feel that way, understand that you are not alone. But it is not just some hollow words either. It is a very real phenomenon.

A survey of CEO’s revealed that half of them feel loneliness, and of that number, more than 6 in 10 believe that it hinders them from performing their jobs.

One of the prevailing problems of business leaders is that they have no one to talk to about the problems in their respective companies, as well as their personal fears. And this is where the executive sparring partner can help you.

Benefits of an Executive Sparring Partner

A boxer undergoes hours of sparring before the main event. More than honing their skills, these practice sessions help them implement the game plan to perfection.

CEO’s are responsible for the livelihoods of everybody and making sure the business continues its path of success. While a depressed employee can feel disengaged from work, the CEO does not have the same luxury.

Here are some ways a leadership sparring partner can help you:

  1. It is much more than coaching or mentoring — By its very name, the mentoring system establishes a relationship and sets boundaries between the mentor and mentee. A leadership sparring meanwhile is a co-partner and a teammate between two or more individuals, and the ultimate aim is to give the entrepreneur and business leader the self-confidence to tackle both business and life challenges.
  2. Overcome feelings of loneliness — The sparring partner will not only help you achieve clarity when it comes to business decisions but also provide a listening ear. Finally, you have someone who understands if you are feeling overwhelmed; someone who will not judge you if you feel scared or vulnerable.
  3. Sounding board of ideas — Unlike with the mentor-mentee relationship, executive sparring does not require goals that needed to be achieved within a prescribed period. With the sparring partner, there is a free-flowing exchange of ideas. You have somebody in your corner with no agenda than seeing you succeed. Make no mistake, executive sparring partners are equipped with the right experience and expertise to help steer your organization’s course. With their help, you can address specific problems or untangle complications that are more difficult to identify.

Job-related depression and isolation are common problems. But unlike employees who have peers that can relate to their position, the head of the organization has bigger problems outside of themselves. The leadership sparring partner is always ready to step up to help prepare you for the main event.

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