Core services

Board and leadership assessment

Increase board and leadership quality and competencies

We support companies by assessing board and management teams. In our assessment we are focusing on cognitive, psychometric and 360 tools. The individual assessment will be concluded in an individual report, which includes a personal development plan, which should be followed up during the yearly performance reviews.

Performance management

Increase individual and organizational performance

We support companies by reviewing current performance management cycle or if no performance management cycle exists, we help develop one. The tool should be simple and easy to use and contain main elements like objective setting, performance review, pay review, succession planning, talent management, and engagement and employer brand survey.

Succession planning/talent management

Increase successor rate/talent pipeline

We support companies structuring their succession planning and talent management processes through the performance management cycle. We use cognitive, psychometric and 360 tools and 9-Box grids to identify successors and talents, which will be used in an individual development plan. We ensure succession planning at executive leadership level will be discussed at board level.

Leadership development

Increase leadership quality and financial performance

We have developed a partnership with a niche management consultancy Fire and Shield. Fire & Shield is a minimum viable leadership framework geared for the future. We develop and implement individual and team development for new as well as experienced leaders.

Case study – increase employee retention

In G4S Europe Region we employed approximately 80.000 employees across 31 countries. In 2013 we identified one of the biggest issues being a high employee turnover, which resulted in high recruitment costs and customers facing new employees more often than they expected.

Rewards management

Increase transparency and optimize executive remuneration

We have developed a partnership with Nordic Reward Partners. We support companies in reviewing or developing executive remuneration practices to align rewards schemes with strategic priorities. We ensure incentive schemes and remuneration at executive level will be discussed at board level.


Increase speed of organizational adoption and performance

We support companies in onboarding executives through thorough onboarding plans and mentoring covering the first 6 months in position.

Core stories (by ager:core)

Increase brand value, reputation and attraction for businesses and workplaces

We collaborate with core:workers – the Scandinavian flagship within employer branding, corporate branding and talent marketing – in developing an attractive and authentic profile, which will support the attraction and retention of key talent and customers. Together we develop brand analysis, surveys and strategies, core stories, creative concepts and brand activation materials in our joint venture ager:core.

Employee engagement and retention

Increase employee engagement and lower employee turnover

We support companies in conducting employee engagements surveys and develop detailed action plans to increase the engagement level. We also support companies in analyzing data (employee turnover, sickness rates etc) in correlation to engagement scores to address specific organizational issues.

Organizational fitness

Increase organizational performance and lower costs

We support companies in reviewing their people cost base and suggest activities to lower the costs through relevant KPI’s like span of control and overhead costs as a percentage of revenue.

HR due diligence

Increase the decision quality in mergers and acquisitions

We support companies in conducting HR due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. We have developed a tool, which includes the traditional legal due diligence and relevant drivers for organizational effectiveness. The drivers have been identified together with key decision makers – typically board or owners.


M&A integration

Increase the added value of mergers and acquisitions

We support companies by developing and implementing an integration and synergy plan – ie restructuring, consolidation, reducing costs and create efficiencies. The plan will be supported by optimum change management and effective communication.


Interim HR management

Increase HR capabilities in critical projects or organizational changes

We support companies by offering interim HR management – part-time or full-time. Typical projects could be transformation of an HR department, a strategic HR project, an integration project or simply during the recruitment process of a new HR Director/Manager.

Board membership

Increase board capabilities

We support companies board with expertise from HR as well as various sectors within the service industry and combined with a Board certificate from Board Assure the practical and educational knowledge is up to date.

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